Solving the Mystery: DNA Tests for Your Research

Solving the Mystery: DNA Tests for Your Research

Notes for Aletha Isadora Hamilton

Grandma Noblin was a stout, but not fat, lady with long brown hair to her waist. Grandma saved rain water in a big wooden barrel to wash her hair in as she said rain water was softer on her hair than pump water. Grandmother told the story that when she was young that she had Scarlet Fever or Diphtheria, can't remember which, but that all of her hair had fallen out, and that it came back curly. Grandma never had one gray hair. She wore her hair in a bun up on her head and never cut it, nor did she wear make-up or jewelry, not even a wedding ring, due to her strong religious convictions. Some time after her marriage, she joined the Church Of God Of Prophecy, based at Cleveland, TN and was very devout. Grandma said, "I aways thought I was something to be Mrs. Noblin, but I realized when I joined the church that I was nothing special." Grandma suffered with "sick headaches" which I imagine was migraines. Mother said that Grandmother was sick frequently when the children were young, but I was not told what her diagnosis was.

Grandma believed in faith healing, especially for others, but she used a doctor when needed. She very much admired Oral Roberts and his ministry of Tulsa, OK. In fact, the only possession that I have that belonged to Grandma is a book on healing by Oral Roberts. Grandma loved for her grandchildren to go to church with her and would have been even happier if any of them would have been "saved" as per the tenants of the Church Of God. Mother said, as children they spent a great deal of time at church functions. Ironically, not one of Grandma's children remained in her church, though all would agree that she can be admired for the example that she set as a Christian, always true to her convictions. She was a good cook, enjoyed traveling, loved her children and grandchildren and especially enjoyed taking care of Peggy, her granddaughter.

Grandma had a stroke and died shortly thereafter at the Sharkey-Issequena Hospital in Rolling Fork, Sharkey County, MS. I was living with my Navy husband in Seattle, Washington and was unable to attend the funeral. The last time I saw her was in May 1956 prior to our move to Seattle, she came to Rolling Fork to greet her new Great Grandson, Micheal Dennis Hoffman. She was living with Aunt Ollie May Coghlan at the time.

The above information is from Patricia Brown Hoffman, Aletha Hamilton's granddaughter.


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