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Cumby......Ninety Years Ago
(Reprints of "The Cumby Rustler" from 1909

From the Cumby Rustler,
G. M. Morton, Editor

Friday, April 9, 1909

The Desperate Genealogist's Idea Book

Rupert Currin of Sulphur Springs was in town today looking after some business matter. Hon. Bascom Thomas came up on the same train on his way to Austin, having been assured of a kindly reception for his election certificate. Rupert says there is much talk in Sulphur Springs of making Bascom the next governor of Texas. From all outward appearances H. Bascom Thomas has quieted several parties at Sulphur Springs.

Clark Lefan's baby ate a part of a bi-chloride tablet Saturday evening and it took prompt and effective work to save its life. Home remedies were applied until the parents could get to town. Fortunately vomiting resulted at once. Dr. Connor was in his office and lost no time in doing all that could be done, with the result that death from poisoning was averted.  Bud Brewer kindly took the parents and babe to his house,  where they could be near the doctor until next day when it was taken home.

Sarah C. Russell, of Gaffords Chapel, died Tuesday at the extreme age of 83 years. She was a sister of Rev. Fletcher Young, and resident of this county for the last 42 years.

Mrs. T. E. Vanlandingham of Lone Oak spent several days of last week with her sister, Mrs. Mullikin, in Cumby.

An infant son of Brack Branom and wife has been seriously ill for the past week.

Cumby telephone central office will be located by Dr. Ward's office as soon as a building can be erected and the necessary changes made.

Dr. Penneck of San Angelo is now owner of the Cumby Telephone and C. E. Gardner and wife of Sulphur Springs are in charge of central office.

Tom Puckett was taken to his wife's relatives in Winnsboro Monday. He is resting better of late, but is in a very critical condition with little hopes of recovery.

Mrs. Nona Atkisson of Sulphur Springs visited her parents, S. W. Wortham and wife, here this week, and left yesterday on a visit to friends in Dallas and Ft. Worth.

Center Point Paragraphs ---
Charlie Dicken has purchased a fine phonograph and we all enjoy the music very much over the telephone. Mrs. Dona Kelley is visiting her sister, Mrs. Evey Green, this week. Grandpa Foxhall of Shirley was the guest of his daughter, Mrs. Pete Helm, Thursday night. Alto Pickens cut his foot very badly with an ax Friday. Preston Raney went to Cumby Tuesday with a dozen eggs to get a bottle of ink. Only a days travel from his house to town. Billy Mooney is having a hard time going down to his lower pasture to set up with his cattle. He is seen passing the writer's once and twice daily to see them. Tom Kelley has lost his barlow knife. He said he would pay a reasonable reward to the finder. His wife said she would be very glad if the knife could be found, for he used her scissors to scrape his plows. So if anyone finds a one-bladed barlow with half the blade broken off, please bring it to Tom.

Shooks Chapel by School Kid --- the school at Park Springs was out last Friday and Saturday. The teacher gave a stew. The writer is attending Prof. S. J. King's school at Sulphur Springs.

The survey for the new independent Cumby school district is now complete. Not much change is made in the size and it will be the smallest
independent district in the state, only nine square miles. Every common school district adjoining is larger than ours. This would have been larger, but it could not be done without working an injury to contiguous districts.

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