Cumby......Ninety Years Ago
(Reprints of "The Cumby Rustler" from 1909

From the Cumby Rustler,
G. M. Morton, Editor

August 27, 1909

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Sulphur Springs is talking of artisan water. It is to be hoped they will go ahead and learn how deep the flow lies in this part of Texas. Cumby must have a water supply in the near future and this would give us a good idea of the depth and cost.

Mrs. Robert Byrd has returned from Como, where she attended her sister, Lucile Young, aged 12 years, who died after suffering ten days with rheumatism. Little Lucile died last Saturday morning, and Bro Jackson officiated.

Miss Virginia Maguire left Thursday for Republic, Missouri, where she is engaged to teach.

Miss Kate McDermott of Coleman City will again have charge of Mrs. Smith's trimming and is here now at work.

Mack Howard is suffering from sunstroke, received while picking cotton recently. He was in a dangerous condition for a few days but is now doing well and is out of danger.

The old frame building that has for so many years stood defiantly at the head of Depot street and watched the trains go by is now a pile of rubbish and the dirt will fly preparatory to erecting on the same spot the finest hardware house in this part of Texas.

George Wilson of Sulphur Springs was the successful bidder on Harris brick store and expects to begin work Monday. Mr. Wilson built our school house and it was built in the best possible manner throughout.

A. J. Wagner and family will leave on the morning train for Gainesville, their former home. We regret very much to see them go but the condition of the printing business forbids a further struggle against hard times. We have tried hard to keep a first-class printer, of whom Mr. Wagner is, in the front row, but can not make it. Our relations have been very pleasant and our best wishes go with them.

Maggie, the second daughter of Jno. McDonald, now of Campbell, died very suddenly this morning. She had been sick about a week with typhoid fever. Her father gave her medicine at 4 o'clock and she was doing well. Directly the family got breakfast and John was about to go to the gin, thinking Maggie was sleeping quietly but when they went to her bedside, she was dead. The body was brought here and buried beside her mother at Sunny Point.

W. B. Edmonds is now picking thinks he will get a bale to five or six acres.

Mrs. Jane Johnson has returned from New Mexico where she spent several month with her son.

Claud Mars has gone to market to buy fall dry goods for the firm of Lewis & Mars.

Joe Davis of Lone Oak was buried here today. He has been a sufferer from consumption for a long time. Rev. R. V. Oak and family went down to attend the funeral.

Prof. J. A. Hilliard of Daingerfield died at Waco last week from sunstroke and was taken home for burial. He was formerly a teacher here and stood high in the esteem of our people.

Ek Denton and wife have moved to town and occupy the Alexander building just south of the Holt Hotel. Ek is now employed by the Cumby Merc. & Lumber Co. and is helping to supply the grocery trade.

A beautiful and substantial concrete walk now extends from Bolin's store to and connects with that of the Mercantile. It is a good beginning so long advocated by the Rustler and we hope to see the work spread to the residence streets.

Mrs. Mollie Smith has gone to market to buy her fall stock of millinery.

Mrs. R. W. Harris and Master Harris Connor has returned from an extended visit to her sister, Mrs. Hayden, of Ladonia.

Miller Grove Melodies - Stock water is getting very scarce, water wagons going every day, some have moved their stock to water and if it don't rain very soon others will be compelled to. The majority of our people have begun picking cotton and if the weather continues dry they will get through in a short time. J. T. Vick visited his grandfather, J. W. Plunkett, who resides east of Cumby, Tuesday night. William Bone is sick. Joe Keenumm has recently added to his residence a rural telephone.

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