Cumby......Ninety Years Ago
(Reprints of "The Cumby Rustler" from 1909

From the Cumby Rustler,
G. M. Morton, Editor

Friday, July 23, 1909:

The body of F. M. Apperson of commerce was brought to Cumby and buried; he died Wednesday after a long illness and much suffering. He was for years a citizen of Cumby, and identified with her welfare. He has relatives and many friends here. 

Cumby needs work done badly. Nearly every residence in town needs a fresh coat of paint. We need two thousand feet of concrete sidewalk before September. Dwellings need blocking up, new roofs, new paper, new steps and galleries. "Good Times In Cumby," is what we need.

R. V. Oak brought to this office a sample of Hopkins county lignite taken from the farm of Sam Rhodes near Rockdale, southwest of Sulphur Springs. The vein was ten feet below the surface of the ground and was at least four feet in thickness, the vein had been penetrated four feet and the bottom now found. This specimen seems to be the usual quality of lignite found in this region. Como is the center of the industry and it is proving a paying business. Bro. Oak has this land listed for sale and parties wishing to know more about it can address him at Cumby.

Fayette Clifton, near Miller Grove, showed us some old papers that may be of interest to some of our readers. One of them is a letter written from Green County, Missouri by William D. Clifton, June 15, 1847, to his uncle, Wilson Clifton at Paris, Texas. The letter was simply folded and the receiver paid ten cents to get it out of the post office. The other paper is an old road commission, issued in Hopkins County, as follows: "An appointment of hands allotted to Wilson Clifton for the purpose of opening and working the county road, district No. 8, hands as follows - James Chappin, Benjamin Turner, Henry Wilkerson, R. W. Roberson, Robt. Gallihur, L. Davis, A. Candley, W. B. Frazier, William Breedlove, William D. Clifton, March 6, 1843, Anhelus Smith, J. P."

Mrs. Dora Cash of Fort Worth is visiting her parents, Doc Newland and wife at Donelton.

Miss Arminta Bird of Corsicana is here this week visiting the family of her cousin, Loyd Harberson.

L. W. Banta and wife are now residents of Cumby, being domiciled in Mr. Brewer's residence, near A. Branom's gin on Main St.

Sam G. Blount, now of Winnsboro, was in town the first of the week, coming through in a surrey to take his mothre back with him for the summer. Sam is doing well down on the farm and makes out that he likes it.

Mrs. John Warren of Palestine has gone to Goldthwaite to visit her daughter, Mrs. Weathers, and John says he told her to stay till it rains. If indications don't change, John will renig in about two weeks.

Willie Trobaugh has been visiting relatives in the community this week and goes from here to Ardmore. He has been to New Mexico recently.

The big brick that R. W. Harris is preparing to erect this summer will, we hope, start improvements on the north side of Main that will soon put that side of the street in good shape. There is no reason why that side of the street should not be as good as the south side.

Charley Bolin and family left Wed. morning for Kentucky to take a rest and spend a month at his old home with relatives and boyhood friends. Brack and Jeff are holding down business in the meantime. Charley will also visit the market and buy a big stock of dry goods for the fall trade.

The Cumby team went to Lone Oak yesterday to play a three days engagement. Our boys have played sixteen games and won thirteen of them this season.

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