Cumby......Ninety Years Ago
(Reprints of "The Cumby Rustler" from 1909

From the Cumby Rustler,
G. M. Morton, Editor

July 9 1909

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Dan Rippy and Miss Myrtie McRae were married Sunday evening in Cumby by the Baptist pastor, Rev. Barrett. They will, for the present, make their home with Dan's mother in Cumby. Dan is one of our home-made boys, son of Cal and Jane Rippy, and is at present helping A. L. Blount sell shoes to a big line of customers. He is a quiet, industrious young man, steady and trustworthy and faithful to meet heavy responsibilities as they arise. His bride, the daughter of C. A. McRae and wife, leading farmers three miles southeast from town, has been for several years one of our leading young ladies, an active church worker and one of the leaders among the young people in making life pleasant and enjoyable.

Miss Ruby Redmond of Greenville is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. C. D. Smith. 

Mrs. Milt Branom and two children returned from a short visit at Pecos City in West Texas. 

Mrs. A. H. Berry and son, Crowdus, left Tuesday morning to spend a month with relatives at Big Springs. 

Dr. Connor left Thursday for Wichita Falls to see his aunt, Mrs. Lee McDowell, who has been very sick for some time.

The Rustler is at work on a book for Eld. A. L. Eaves which will prove of great interest to members of the Baptist church and in fact all the people.

Guy Smith has again entered the State University at Austin for post-graduate work. He expects to take some of the higher degrees before settling down permanently to his work.

Burl Smith of Miller Grove was in town Tuesday and reports the corn crop around Miller Grove pretty fair, the bottom land he thinks will go to forty bushels per acre. Cotton is fine. Burl expects to make his home in Cumby again next year.

Wilburn Wiggs and little daughter of Paris were in town a day or two on a visit to his sister, Mrs. J. N. Winniford, and other relatives. Wilburn is running a general merchandise store in the suburbs of Paris and doing well. 

Eck Denton, formerly a Cumby boy, but now of Donelton, was married Wednesday night to Miss Eva Beyer of that community. Bro Eaves performed the ceremony.

John Byers, one of the leading citizens of Overland, was in town Tuesday and says the farmers of his community are in splendid condition as to crops.

Our young friend, Lawson Junell, has been elected assistant in the Cumby State Bank...Lawson is one of our most worthy and brilliant boys and has just won high honors in Burleson College in Greenville.

J. P. Vasser and wife of Simonton, Fort Bend County, Texas have been here on a three week's visit to the families of A. G. Abercrombie, Jim Woodard and other friends....Mr. Vasser bought a fine span of mules from Jim Evans.

Elder Thomas E Milholland will begin a series of gospel sermons in Cumby, beginning Saturday night before the third Lord's day in July. This meeting will be conducted under a tent just east of H. J. Howard's lumber shed, where the arbor stood last year. Elders of the Church of Christ.

Reported from the (Sulphur Springs) Evening News - Capt. J. K. Milam, the gallant and maimed confederate, the just judge, the good man, father, husband and Christian gentleman, is making his last gallant fight, and we fear it is with death. He is slowly passing over the river to rest under the shade.

Last night early, the Edmondson residence in Brashear, occupied by Mr. Holder, burned. The household goods were saved. It was one of the best residences in the town and was not insured.

Lone Oak, July 5th - Dear Friend: As I have a cow that is an extra breeder and four-gallon milker, I thought I would give you some facts about her. She has brought four calves in one year, eleven months and seventeen days. July 8, 1907, she brought twins, a male and a heifer. On August 22, 1908, she brought a heifer. On Jun 25, 1909, she brought a heifer. All of these have been nice large and strong calves. The cow is large and a registered jersey, and has a large udder and four large teats well placed. I think she is hard to beat. These are not for sell. Yours truly, Ben L. Hart.

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