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Cumby......Ninety Years Ago
(Reprints of "The Cumby Rustler" from 1909

From the Cumby Rustler,
G. M. Morton, Editor

August 13, 1909

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First bale of cotton was brought in Wednesday morning by L. Craig of Campbell and weighed 519 pounds. A few hours later J. J. Lytle of Mount Zion came in with the second bale, weighing 480 pounds. Both bales were sold, bought by Lewis & Mars. A premium of $10 was paid to them.

A contract was closed this week to put in concrete sidewalks on south side of Main street from C. W. Bolins store to the Cumby Merc. & Lumber Co. Work will begin soon.

Misses Virgie Branom and L. E. Robinson went to Dallas first of the week to spend about ten days or two weeks investigating the latest styles in the millinery business.

R. W. Harris is rearranging his store and moving into his warehouse preparatory to building. He will give his customers some splendid bargains during the next month or two.

Jack Slade, Tom Moony and others went fishing on Sabine first of the week and had fine luck. The killed lots of squirrels and caught 150 pounds of fish.

Master Berry, one time printer on the Rustler, called on us and talked of the glories of the west.

C. Smith has been appointed postmaster at Cumby and will take charge as soon as proper arrangement can be made.

Mrs. Vesta Livingston (nee Farris) of Waco, came in on the evening train to spend a few days with Miss Ruth Morton. Mrs. Livingston is the daughter of J. N. Farris and has spent most of her life in Cumby.

Uncle Dave Vaughn was buried here last Sunday. He was in town about a week before and went home sick, gradually grew worse till Saturday when the end came. He was one of our oldest citizens. He has for years lived in the Mount Zion community, and has a large circle of relatives and friends there. He has of late made his home with his son-in-law, Billy Ladd.

Miss Eva McKinley gave an entertainment at the school house Tuesday night. She is an accomplished musician and cultured young lady.

Mrs. Gray and children of Merit are here on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Brecheen.

Joe A. and Jess Wortham are here to visit their parents, Mr. & Mrs. A. Wortham.

Mrs. Dud King has been at Bryson for the last two weeks visiting her brother, Jack Cox.

R. W. Harris has a very sore foot from stepping on an iron cow yoke. A barb penetrated his foot and made a bad wound.

Hon. R. R. Williams was at Terrell this week mingling with the old boys of Ross' and Ectors's brigades, and reports a most pleasant time.

Jim Rippy has moved back from Sulphur Springs and taken up his abode at the center and heart of intellectual and moral progress - of which Cumby is it.

The Southwestern Telephone moved its central office Jno W. Martin's this week and connected with his system. This is a move long desired by Cumby, and will be a great convenience to our people.

Miller Grove Melodies -

Drinking water is getting to be a very scarce article. Most farmers are hauling water. August 9th, Mr. Jas. Mayes and Mrs. Laura Anderson were married, Rev. W. A. Gibbins of the Presbyterian church officiating. Both are well known in this community. W. S. Taylor of Cumby spent Sunday night with his brother, T. R. Taylor. The death angel visited the home of Mr. & Mrs. Walls and took from them their baby child, Aug. 5th. The remains were buried in the Miller Grove cemetery.

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