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We have added quite a number of families to our Beardsley line.  Many thanks to Mary, Deb, Virginia, Patricia, and Barbara for their help on the Beardsley tree.   Thanks also go to Hope for her assistance on the Paasch line. 

I have not included last names for the above contributors but, if you would like to contact them about additional information, please e-mail me and I will forward your request to the appropriate person.

The Beardsley limb on this tree dates back to a William Beardsley, born in 1605 in England. He and his wife, Mary Harve, were listed on the manifest for the ship "Planter" and arrived in Stratford, Connecticut in 1635 from England. There were only three children, Mary, Joseph, and John in the family when they arrived, however, the family soon grew.

My husband’s Mother was a direct descendant of Joseph Beardsley and Abigail Dayton. In my research on this family, I have found many family trees tracing back to the other children in William and Mary’s family and as I have time, I will try to tie them all together. This entire family line is very interesting and seemed to have a great desire throughout this 300+ years to document their lives.

Leroy Lemon Beardsley, my husband’s Grandfather was a newspaper editor in Oklahoma and his signature is reportedly on the document that established the  Republican Party for that state. Leroy wrote quite a number of articles about his life in the early years and I will try to publish them on this site in the next few weeks. 

Another ancestor rode in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show while the show was in London and performed for the King and Queen of England. We have found many new relatives and have added their information to our database.  Thanks to everyone for taking the time to contact us about our family connections.

Thanks to Sybil for her help on the Edwards/Mayo line.

The Mayo line appears to dead-end at my husband’s 3rd Great Grandfather (Robert Mayo). I have located this family on several census records for Greene County, AL from 1830 through 1880. The records indicate Robert's wife's name as Mary which does match the information in our family history.  However, it appears Mary did not want to give her correct age as she remained "60" on two different census (ten years apart).  The other confusing thing is that Robert indicates that he was born in VA on one census, NC on one census, and SC on another.   (Where was the man born anyway???)  Small Update: I believe the problem with Mary's age has been solved.  Marriage records indicate that Robert Mayo married a Mary May in 1841.  Could it be that his first wife (Mary Mayfield) died and he remarried?  

There are several people by the name of Robert Mayo on the census index for South Carolina during the period of time we are searching, however, we have been unable to determine which one is "our" Robert.

We also believe Mary's last name was Mayfield and once again we have located several in surname searches but there hasn’t been a connection to the Mayo family for any of them.

One of the memories my Father-in-law talked about was seeing his Grandmother or Great Grandmother sitting in front of the fireplace smoking a pipe and that she was a full blood American Indian. She would have had to be  Amanda Jane Edwards or Matilda Jane Hughes.  Matilda's family came from Putnam County in Tennessee. Amanda's family had lived in Greene County Alabama since the early 1800's.  Both surnames are listed on the Cherokee rolls but I haven't been able to connect the families. 

Oh for the time to travel to Alabama and South Carolina and Tennessee to do hands-on research.  I am sure that almost everyone involved in researching their families wishes the same wish.




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