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Lisle, Mayo Family

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Ferguson.gif (125522 bytes) Thomas E. & Bertha Ellen Ferguson with June, Circa 1917

 Hamilton.gif (103194 bytes)Wylie N. & Louise Elizabeth Hamilton, Circa 1935 

Mattie.jpg (88945 bytes) Aunt Mattie Fulgham and Thomas Lisle, Circa 1950's

Lisle4.gif (68629 bytes) Lisle brothers (from left) Luther, Cecil, Paul (Jack), and Bob

lisle family21.jpg (117247 bytes) The Lisle Family (Not sure when this was taken but believe it was after Terrance Lisle's death in 1920 as he is the only one missing.)   Front Row from left:  Great Aunt Carrie, GrandFather Joshua Henry, GrandMother Susie Idella, Great Aunt Lorene.  Back Row from left:  Great Aunt Leila, Great Uncle Bernard, Great Uncle Charlie, Great Aunt Mary.  My thanks to Susan (Aunt Lorene's daughter) for providing the photo.

anpb-cat1.gif (10505 bytes)

Beardsley, Mayo Family

Edwards.gif (178019 bytes) George Washington & Phoebe Ellis Edwards, Circa 1870

Wj2.gif (69140 bytes) Dj.gif (61569 bytes) William Jasper Mayo & Della Jared, Circa 1900

Wjmayo.gif (66569 bytes) William Jasper Mayo and son Jeff Arthur, Circa 1930's

Mayos1.gif (133169 bytes) Violet (Beardsley) Mayo with children, Dennis, Kay and Douglas, Circa 1982

Ddmayo.gif (106965 bytes) Doug & Trish Mayo with Ellen & Dennis Mayo, Circa 1983

Cmayo.gif (116696 bytes) Chris & Eva Mayo

Dylan.jpg (241369 bytes) The last addition to the Mayo Family is Dylan, son of Chris & Eva

Backya~1.gif (10479 bytes)

We had one of these in our backyard on the farm in Mississippi!

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