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The following photos were found in a steamer trunk belonging to my Grandmother, Bertha Ellen Hamilton Ferguson, who died in 1958.  She was born in Webster County, Mississippi in 1889.  If you are a descendant of Charles Holland, Abraham Ferguson, George F. Hamilton, Uriah Stallings, John M. Shaffer, or any of their spouses which include the surnames of Hughes, Foster, Fulgham, Boothe, and Smith, please look at the photos below.  My Mother, who is 87 years old has identified many of the photos found in the trunk but the ones below are a mystery to us.  If you need a larger version of the photo, just click on it.  We have many more unidentified pictures and will be removing and adding as we identify them.  Email me if you are able to identify the location or people.

Glassi~3.jpg (23619 bytes)

This picture is printed on glass.  The coating on the back has rubbed off in several places making it difficult to enhance the image.  A nice looking young man -- wonder who he is?

unkfam.jpg (83651 bytes)

This is a really nice looking family.  My Mother does not recognize the house or the people.  The picture is quite old and probably was taken before 1900.  The picture appears to have been glued to heavy card stock.  Can anyone identify these people or their home?

Unknow~6.jpg (229304 bytes)

We actually have two different pictures of this handsome young man.  He is dressed similarly in the other picture.  Does anyone recognize him?

Unknow~8.jpg (17629 bytes)

Are these young men brothers?  This was a very small picture.  There are no markings on this picture to indicate the time frame.  Can you identify either of these young men?

Tintype.jpg (46210 bytes)

This impressive young couple's picture is a tintype.   It was difficult to lighten so the features of each person could be seen but I believe if you click on the image to enlarge it you will be able to see both faces well enough to recognize them if you have other pictures of them.  Hope someone can put names on these lovely faces!

Fulghams.jpg (224008 bytes)

This picture has names written on each of the men's shirts.  From left, they are Will, Dart, and William.  The back side of the picture is a post card and was addressed to Miss Bertha Hamilton in Mathieston, Miss.   It appears that it may have been sent by Eldie Fulgham, making us believe that the men in the picture are relatives of Uncle Ed and Aunt Mattie Fulgham who were living in Bellville, TX.  Can anyone confirm the identity of these men?

Mailbox1.gif (2669 bytes)Please let me know if you are able to help identify any of these people.





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