Cumby......Ninety Years Ago
(Reprints of "The Cumby Rustler" from 1909

From the Cumby Rustler,
G. M. Morton, Editor

Friday, August 6, 1909:

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Mrs. Maggie Hood died Monday morning at 1 o'clock, after months of suffering and waiting for the end. She was 69 years of age, and has been feeble for years. Her husband, Jno. Hood, preceded her a year or two ago. Rev. Turner, her pastor, of the Presbyterian church, preached the sermon to a large audience.

P. B. (Bun) Wise and Miss Madge Sparkman of Commerce were married last night by Bro. Raney at his residence in Cumby. They have many relatives and friends here.

Judge Felix Patterson was here Monday evening looking after pension matters. He is making a splendid judge. The silly talk of opening a saloon or two in this county makes him hot under the collar. He had made the following statement - "Rest assured that no saloon will open in this fair county of ours, until the highest court has said that I must sign the license."

Stockholders of the Cumby Cotton Yard and Warehouse are called to meet in regular annual session August 14, 1909 for the election of officers. Dave Green, Secretary.

Miss J. E. Vanlandingham of Lone Oak is here this week on a visit to the family of her sister, Mrs. W. L. Mulliken.

Charley Harris and his daughter, Mrs. H. E. Cabeen, of Cooper, are for a week or two on a visit to relatives, the Winnifords and Randels.

Lewis Gage and family have moved back from Ft. Worth to their farm near Palestine. He bought Will Drake's crop, and Will bought out Jim Caudle and Jim is getting ready to go west again for the Steenth (sic) time.

Lewis Burk informs us that a crowd of Pleasant Grove folks have gone to Greenville to attend the holiness meeting - Mrs. Wilburn, Mrs. Dud Gills and Will Gills. Dud Gills went along to swap horses.

Uncle Doe Newland, unfortunately now of Donelton, was up again last week. He still goes on three legs - that is, on crutches - as a result of putting one foot under the foot of a horse some weeks ago, and the foot gets no better.

W. J. Loudermilk of Downing is now president of the Farmers union.

Mrs. Nellie Mullenix has traded her farm east of town to Jesse Alexander for a house and lot in Cumby, on south side near the Col. Downing place.

John McGuire of Jerico, Mo., came in Wednesday night to visit his parents, Rev. W. L. McGuire and wife. Says he is going to return home, pack up for a move to Cumby.

Democrat Bob says he had the time of his life at Mount Pleasant last week and that the old soldiers were treated most royally. They had the freedom of the town and were not allowed to spend a cent. Their badges paid for everything they wanted anywhere and all the time.

Mrs. Nellie Robertson of Afton, Texas, is here for a visit to her mother, Mrs. Joe Box.

Dr. Bert Cate has located his office on Depot Street, first door south of the First National Bank.

Mrs. Alice Grissom of Overton is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. L. Mullican in Cumby for a week or two.

Misses Bessie and Bertie Granberry are at Kingston for a ten-days visit with the family of their brother, Rodney.

Mrs. Dr. Long of Sulphur Springs came today to visit sisters Mrs. Chas. Bridges and Mrs. A. Branom.

Harry and Miss Eliza Lynn Duncan of Dallas are at present in Cumby on a visit to their cousin, Walter Newland.

Miss Allie Rippy is again in the service of the Cumby Merchant and Lumber Co. where she will be pleased to meet her many friends.

Miss Zella Zint returned last Friday night from the summer normal and will take a rest until school opens at Pleasant Grove.

Johnny Greaves is now at Mineral Wells taking a holiday and a few drinks of water for amusement. He will visit his sister, Mrs. Lock, at DeLeon, before he returns to the settlement.

Prof. Vanderslice had a desire to look like a editor and has therefore dispensed with his mustache. They say his wife don't allow him to come home till after dark, and one glance at his face proves the rumor has a good foundation.

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